TSUBAME 2.0 system design companies decision.


2010.5.25 Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) announced that the TSUBAME 2.0 supercomputer, a green, cloud-based supercomputer system, would begin operation in the fall. NEC Corporation (NEC) and Hewlett-Packard (HP) have been selected to design the system.
TSUBAME 1.0, TSUBAME 2.0's predecessor, has supported the development of a variety of industrial and academic research projects in Japan and abroad for over four years. The Tokyo Institute of Technology's Global Scientific Information Center (GSIC) has taken advantage of the high performance scientific computing ability of the TSUBAME 1.0 HPC system for studying domestic and foreign computer systems for nearly two years.
The procurement process concluded on May 25, when the NEC-HP partnership's winning bid was announced. The theoretical maximum performance of the system is 2.4 petaflops, currently the world's fastest, improving by 30 times the performance of TSUBAME 1.0. The new supercomputer will be 12 times faster than Japan's current fastest, which is operated by Japan's National Atomic Energy Agency.

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