Satoshi Matsuoka

Professor of
学術国際情報センター(Global Scientific Information and Computing Center)
東京工業大学(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Publications CV

松岡 聡 (まつおか さとし)

1986年東京大学理学部情報科学科卒、 1989年同大学大学院博士課程から、学情報科学科助手に採用、同大学情報工学専攻講師を経て、1996年に東京工業大学情報理工学研究科数理・計算科学専攻助教授。2001年4月に東京工業大学学術国際情報センター教授、2002年より国立情報学研究所の客員教授を併任。 博士(理学)(東京大学)。

高性能システム、並列処理、グリッド計算、クラスタ計算機、 高性能・並列オブジェクト指向言語処理系、などの研究に従事。 わが国のナショナルグリッドプロジェクトであるNAREGIプロジェクト のサブリーダーであり、また2006年時点でわが国最高性能のスーパコンピュータ TSUBAMEを構築。

1996年度情報処理学会論文賞、1999年情報処理学会坂井記念賞 2006年学術振興会賞(JSPS Award)などを受賞。

ISOTAS'96, ECOOP'97, ISCOPE'99, ACM OOPSLA'02, IEEE CCGrid'03, HPC Asia 05, Grid2006 などのプログラム(副)委員長 IEEE/ACM Supercomputing'04--Network Track Chair, Reflection'01, IEEE CCGrid'06 大会委員長。また、グリッド国際標準化団 体のGlobal Grid ForumのSteering Group委員など。2009年にはIEEE/ACM Supercomputing 2009の論文委員長を務め、Supercomputing 2011のCommunity委員長、また同会議全体のSteering Group委員を兼務。

Satoshi Matsuoka received his Ph. D. from the University of Tokyo in 1993. He became a full Professor at the Global Scientific Information and Computing Center (GSIC) of Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech / Titech) in April 2001, leading the Research Infrastructure Division Solving Environment Group of the Titech campus.

He has pioneered grid computing research in Japan the mid 90s along with his collaborators, and currently serves as sub-leader of the Japanese National Research Grid Initiative (NAREGI) project, that aim to create middleware for next-generation CyberScience Infrastructure. He was also the technical leader in the construction of the TSUBAME supercomputer, which has become the fast supercomputer in Asia-Pacific in June, 2006 at 85 Teraflops (peak, now 111 Teraflops as of March 2009) and 38.18 Teraflops (Linpack, 7th on the June 2006 list) and also serves as the core grid resource in the Titech Campus Grid.

He has been (co-) program and general chairs of several international conferences including ACM OOPSLA'2002, IEEE CCGrid 2003, HPCAsia 2004, Grid 2006, CCGrid 2006/2007/2008, as well as countless program committee positions, in particular numerous ACM/IEEE Supercomputing Conference (SC) technical papers committee duties including serving as the network area chair for SC2004, SC2008, and was the technical papers chair for SC2009, and will be the Communities Program Chair for SC2011. He served as a Steering Group member and an Area Director of the Global Grid Forum during 1999-2005, and recently became the steering group member of the Supercomputing Conference.

He has won several awards including the Sakai award for research excellence from the Information Processing Society of Japan in 1999, and recently received the JSPS Prize from the Japan Society for Promotion of Science in 2006 from his Royal Highness Prince Akishinomiya.
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