For Prospective international students

For Prospective international students

The introduction slides can be downloaded here.


 Joining Matsuoka lab?

1. Plan Ahead ! :

You are asked to apply for a scholarship/funding program first, then wait for the result. The application process starts approximately 1 year before your expected admission. Our lab accepts foreign students under ***  MEXT scholarship ***, so please check its application schedule posted on Japanese Embassy in your country. Keep an eye on general *** admission process at Tokyo Tech *** as well.

2. Initial Contact:

Check out  *** OUR PROJECTS *** and clarify your academic interests. Introduce your background and prospects in a CV / research plan. Tell us current status of a scholarship that you are applying. We may set up a Skype interview.

3. Warm Welcome:

If you are successful, you would receive pre-arrival information in advance and you can ask any last-minute questions. From the first day on campus, you would feel ready to adapt to the new environment. Your welcome party is coming shortly 

Advantages of Matsuoka lab?

1. Global Network:

Matsuoka lab is highly internationalized. Prof. Matsuoka has an excellent network in the HPC world, and we attract many students and researchers abroad (currently there are 10 foreign students from 9 countries and regions, as of January 2014). You need to be competitive on a global scale. 

2. Research Activities:

Prof. Matsuoka leads *** various projects *** and the lab will expand your potential. You will be able to run large-scale experiments on TSUBAME. Not only PhD students and postdocs, but also Master’s and exchange students regularly submit posters and papers to top conferences. Our success is being achieved by our students' efforts. Your research topic might be utilized into the system. In this way, there is a chance to contribute to academia.

3. Career Opportunities:

OG/OB of Matsuoka lab have good *** career opportunities ***. A lot of PhD students have been to an internship for DoE labs in U.S.A., or got a position there. Other graduates stays in Japan and plays an active role in industry as well as in research institutes.


1. Japanese Language:

Most of the MEXT-scholarship-students take an intensive Japanese language course for half a year. This enables them to have a good command of Japanese. In addition they attend/audit optional Japanese classes for foreign students on campus. (Even if your command of Japanese is zero, you can survive using English.)

2. Money:

It is true that the cost of living in Japan, especially in Tokyo, is relatively high. Therefore we encourage you to apply for a *** scholarship *** first, so that you can focus on research throughout your study period.

3. Support for Your Daily Life:

You may encounter some problems especially at the beginning of your stay. Feel determined to lead a fruitful and comfortable campus life. As long as you are proactive and positive, we are willing to help. Our administrative team, dedicated to Matsuoka lab, has rich experience and skills to support foreigners.