「ASCII .technologies」 published an article about TSUBAME


In the article "How to build supercomputer", published in the ASCII .technologies magazine for July 2010(ASCII MEDIA, on sale from May 24), is written about TSUBAME: "~from the way TSUBAME was built ~it is somewhere between PC cluster and supercomputer". Authors of this articles are Satoshi Matsuoka, Toshio Endon, Naoya Maruyama, Hitoshi Sato, Shin'ichiro Takizawa, members of Matsuoka lab, and Takayuki Aoki from the Global Scientific Information and Computing Center. Such things as TSUBAME1 architecture, some operational difficulties, results of applying ASUCA (weather prediction application, using many GPUs), main purpose of TSUBAME2 etc. are described in this article.

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