MatsuLab. Lecture Note


月曜日 10:45〜12:15(3,4限)
西8号館 832号室
松岡教授 (Prof. S.Matsuoka) matsu あっと is.
TA 岩渕 (K.Iwabuchi)iwabuchi.k.ab あっと
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休講予定日 Lecture Cancelled


授業概要と参考資料 Guidance and References

発表スケジュール Schedule

第2回10/27(月)佐々木filehpc141027-Sasaki-ver2.pptx (update after this lecture)fileMCREngine.pdf
第5回11/26(水)ShwetafileHPC2014_11:26_Shweta.pdffileCheckpointing Orchestration.pdf
第9回12/22(月)長坂 侑亮filehpc14_nagasaka_ver2.pdffiledsn12_sparse.pdf
第10回1/5(月)矢野 雅大filehauberk.pdffileyim_ipdps_hauberk.pdf
第11回1/15(木)鈴木 太一郎fileHPC_suzuki.pdffile20150115_paper.pdf
第12回1/19(月)大村 裕fileHPC2014_20150119.pdffilep707-costa.pdf
第14回2/2(月)(場所・時間は通常通り)都筑 一希fileHPC14_tsuzuku.pdffileEnergy Consumption of Resilience Mechanisms in Large Scale Systems.pdf

禁止リスト Inhibited List

  • "McrEngine?: a scalable checkpointing system using data-aware aggregation and compression"
  • "Reliability-Aware Approach: An Incremental Checkpoint/Restart Model in HPC Environments"
  • "FALCON - A System for Reliable Checkpoint Recovery in Shared Grid Environments"
  • "Detection and Correction of Silent Data Corruption for Large-Scale High-Performance Computing"
  • "A Proactive Fault Tolerance Approach to High Performance Computing (HPC) in the Cloud"
  • "Checkpoint-Restart for a Network of Virtual Machines"
  • "Checkpointing Orchestration: Toward a Scalable HPC Fault-Tolerant Environment"
  • "UniFI: leveraging non-volatile memories for a unified fault tolerance and idle power management technique"
  • "Transparent checkpoint-restart over infiniband"
  • "Feliss: Flexible distributed computing framework with light-weight checkpointing"
  • "Parallel Reduction to Hessenberg Form with Algorithm-Based Fault Tolerance"
  • "Online-ABFT: An Online Algorithm Based Fault Tolerance Scheme for Soft Error Detection in Iterative Methods"
  • "Algorithmic Approaches to Low Overhead Fault Detection for Sparse Linear Algebra"

リンク Links

添付ファイル: fileICPP2014_rollback-avoidance-modeling.pdf 1606件 [詳細] fileHPC_20150126.pdf 1779件 [詳細] filesc12-redmpi.pdf 20668件 [詳細] fileyim_ipdps_hauberk.pdf 15753件 [詳細] fileHPC2014_Jian_1201.pdf 1647件 [詳細] fileICS12_UniFI.pdf 1706件 [詳細] fileMCREngine.pdf 2521件 [詳細] fileCheckpointing Orchestration.pdf 1651件 [詳細] filehpc141027-Sasaki-ver2.pptx 1696件 [詳細] filehpc14_shamoto_1110.pdf 1635件 [詳細] filep707-costa.pdf 1884件 [詳細] filehauberk.pdf 1869件 [詳細] fileHPC14_tsuzuku.pdf 1425件 [詳細] file20150115_paper.pdf 1637件 [詳細] fileEnergy Consumption of Resilience Mechanisms in Large Scale Systems.pdf 1297件 [詳細] fileHPC2014_20150119.pdf 2046件 [詳細] fileHPC2014_11:26_Shweta.pdf 1856件 [詳細] filehpc14_nagasaka_ver2.pdf 1521件 [詳細] filecore.pdf 1632件 [詳細] filehpc141027-Sasaki.pptx 874件 [詳細] fileHPChadout0-1.pdf 1764件 [詳細] fileHPC_suzuki.pdf 1682件 [詳細] filedsn12_sparse.pdf 1586件 [詳細]

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